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What to expect from an intuitive guidance session

What is Intuitive Development?

Intuitive development is the process of learning how to make wise choices, find inner peace, and share our gifts with others through cultivating our creativity and self-management skills. People who trust in their intuition are able to live their life with an enthusiastic clarity of purpose. Intuitive Development can help soothe anxious minds and tired spirits.

What is an Intuitive Development Guide?

An Intuitive Development Guide is a person who has studied the creativity and self-management skills that lead to personal intuitive development. The Intuitive Development Guide aims to teach these creativity and self-management skills to others. Intuitive development sessions are tailored to the interest and needs of individual clients, and could include any of the following activities:

  • Journal writing

  • Meditation

  • Tarot and Astrology readings

  • Creative artistic expression

  • Guided visualization

Interested in learning more about working with an Intuitive Development Guide? Contact Rachel for further information.