Rachel Perez Wallerstedt

Intuitive Guide
Psychic in Chief


Rachel is an Intuitive Guide and the founder of Storytime Psychic Alliance.

Rachel writes about the current New Age renaissance. She researches the connections between spiritual ideas and other disciplines, especially neuroscience, history. and ecology.

Rachel lives in Seattle with her husband, illustrator Lyall Wallerstedt, and their pet, noted cat Lady Hrothgar

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Rachel’s Astrology Profile

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Cancer, Gemini rising

The Aquarian energy inspires Rachel to build a community of psychics, witches, intuitives, healers, and other spiritual explorers through Storytime Psychic Alliance. While the deep waters of her Cancer moon give her intuition a quality of reflective illumination, the Gemini seeks out lots of fascinating information to give that intuition a frame. Living out her midheaven, Rachel shares her intuitive learning with the New Age world.