The Stars Respond to "Why are you late?"


I was having a lot of fun with my old friends and then the game went into overtime.


I just got these new fluffy pillows and it was too comfy for me to get out of bed on time.


My friend and I got wrapped up in a text conversation and I can't get pulled over for reckless driving again.


A big load of feelings overcame me and I took some time to cry it out and beat up a pillow.


I went a little overboard with my grooming this morning. Did you keep busy while you waited?


Excuse me, your event should have ended 15 minutes ago. I'm waiting for a different event that starts two hours from now.


I couldn't decide what to wear or what to eat for breakfast so I had to wait for my partner to wake up to get their input.


Because you were late for something three years ago and today is the day I felt like proving a point.


I got really excited during a TED Talk video and flung my hands in the air, which knocked over another person's coffee.


Another team member requested my guidance on an urgent matter. According to the bylaws, this is acceptable.


Look, you let me do things my way and I'll let you follow the clock honor code in peace. Why is your concept of time so linear, anyway?


I had one of those dreams where you wake up in the dream and when I woke up for real it was hard to tell if I was still dreaming and to be honest I'm still not super sure. Sorry.