Wardrobe Aesthetics by Sign


Casual: Athleisure in striking colors
Professional: Traditionally masculine with bold details
Fancy: Playful shapes/patterns with a distinctive stand-out feature


Casual: Soft and comfy clothes ONLY
Professional: Warm, down-to-earth classics in muted tones
Fancy: Likely designer or designer-inspired and elegant


Casual: T-shirts with a message and trendy fast-fashion
Professional: Up-to-date outfits with clean lines; black/silver watch likely
Fancy: Sleek and modern shapes/colors with lots of accessories


Casual: Worn-in jeans/leggings and loose tops
Professional: Mood-dependent; smart and graceful outfits when feeling good, sloppy if stressed
Fancy: Flowing fabric in ocean tones; pearls with the right crowd


Casual: Bold patterns/shapes, more jewelry than the average person in their social circle
Professional: Likely designer or designer-inspired statement outfits
Fancy: Vivid colors in simple shapes so as not to distract from a stunning (and labor-intensive) hairdo


Casual: Likely takes the "uniform" approach to daily dress
Professional: Outfits that are nearly identical to those of other coworkers, though with more matching colors and fewer wrinkles
Fancy: Surprisingly vivacious and trendy designs that signal impeccable taste


Casual: Stylish outfits with high-fashion or high-tech accessories
Professional: Graceful and balanced outfits with a pop of pizzazz
Fancy: Anything inspired by current fashion trends or classic designers


Casual: Either all black or wildly colorful outfits with cool and interesting accessories
Professional: "Power" outfits with striking details
Fancy: Classically "sexy" designs in black or a single bold color


Casual: Comfortable clothes that allow for a wide range of motion
Professional: Adventurous outfits that pleasantly stand out
Fancy: Strictly "not everyone can pull this off" shapes and colors


Casual: Practical clothes for getting one's hands dirty
Professional: Slightly more professional than other coworkers; clipboard likely
Fancy: Timeless elegance in neutral colors


Casual: Fashion-forward outfits with unique and unusual touches
Professional: Practical yet distinctive outfits with interesting details
Fancy: Either retro-inspired or sci-fi/fantasy inspired


Casual: Maximum comfort; gym clothes/pajamas as street clothes likely
Professional: Classic professional outfits in dark neutral tones
Fancy: Classic shapes with either shiny or sparkly fabric