A Psychic Witchery Story

Early witchery    

My adventures in psychic witchery started when I was quite young. There was a book at my house that had been due back to the Garfield Ridge public library in 1986 (not exactly an outlier among our books). It was about astrology, and it was the first non-child-oriented book I read in my life, at the tender age of seven. Some serious bullshit was going on in my life at that point, and astrology gave me captivating stories that were super effective in distracting me from that bullshit. It’s been a part of my life ever since. I can thank astrology for giving me an endless vein of conversation to tap with nearly everybody, which is a salve for my social anxieties. Astrology flowed into a somewhat precocious interest in all things spiritual, and I started my witchcraft practice around the age of 12.

Visionwork Meditation

Much of the witchcraft I studied (often from the great sages Silver Ravenwolf and Isobel Bird, hahaha) when I transitioned into middle school was a salve for numerous sticky wickets in my troubled adolescent mind. I performed rituals to speak with divine energies (or, as normies might say, I prayed) and found solace in those meditations. I have grown my psychic witchery since then, but some mechanisms remain constant. It usually returns to visionwork meditation. Here is where I’ve found cosmic guides and constructed an inner temple, among other interesting adventures. The spirits I encounter in my imagination are almost always helpful and comforting, and I often use their guidance along my life’s path. 

Harnessing imagination

I also have performed rituals to help me achieve my goals, focus my concentration, and feel more confident about myself. While I don’t believe that the rituals and spells of witchcraft themselves work due to direct supernatural intervention, I do believe that performing witchery, for myself, taps into a deep place in my imagination. So I light a candle and do some vision work to get plans moving; a non-spiritually-minded person might do the same thing by psyching themselves up in the mirror. Psychic witchery speaks to me, and I’ve known it to work, so I will continue to grow my practice because it gives me peace. And with Storytime Psychic Alliance, I hope to find a community of psychic witches with whom to share these adventures in magick.