6 Ways to Use Tarot Cards Other Than Fortune-Telling

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1. Visual Inspiration: The symbology of the Tarot offers creative people a structure on which to hang their own ideas. Tarot is fast becoming a favorite way for visual and graphic artists to showcase their aesthetic with 78 beautiful art prints.

2. Storytelling: There are a wide variety of methods to incorporate Tarot in plot design, worldbuilding, and character construction. The Tarot offers writers a way to work with archetypes and blast through writer's block.

3. Journal Prompts: The symbology of the Tarot demonstrates universal and personal concepts in a way that invites serious self-reflection. Pulling Tarot cards to write a journal entry can result in surprising personal growth.

4. Style Advice: The archetypal nature of the Tarot makes it an unusual but effective tool in figuring out a cohesive style. From personal wardrobe makeovers to web design decisions, the Tarot can be a fun way to brainstorm your best self.

5. Team Building: Creative group facilitators will find lots of ways to use Tarot cards to build team spirit. Ice breakers include having everyone in the group pull a card from the deck and give a speech about it.

6. Choreography and Movement Lessons: The images on Tarot cards are dynamic and rich in kinesthetic imagery. Dancers and those involved in movement-based practices such as yoga can use Tarot to inspire unique sequences and flows.