Full Moon harvests what New Moon plants

Lunar Plant Harvest Cycle Part 1.jpg
Lunar Plant Harvest Cycle Part 2.jpg

We can track the phases of the Moon as it waxes and wanes throughout our natal astrological chart.

The New Moon/Full Moon will usually occur in opposing houses. The lesson is that the outcomes we see in an area of life represented by one House grow from the actions we take in the area of life represented by its opposite House.

We use the lunar cycle to manifest the healing and the success we want to welcome into our lives. We can enhance our intentional power by using the transit Moon in our birth chart as a guide for what paths will yield the most fruit in a given month.

During this New Moon Leo/Full Moon Aquarius Cycle, I tracked the Moon as it transited the houses of my birth chart. My Ascendant is in the late degrees of Gemini, so I experienced the New Moon in Leo in House 3, the House of Conversation, Information, and Exchanges. Two weeks later, I experienced the Full Moon in Aquarius in my 9th House of Exploration, Philosophy, and Boundary Expansion. Did I plant the seeds of curiosity to watch my wisdom grow? Remains to be seen, but feeling good about it.

Here is what my Transit chart looked like on August 2 when the New Moon was in Leo:

New Moon Leo 2019 Rachel Chart.png

And here is my Transit/Natal chart for August 15 when the Full Moon was in Aquarius:

Full Moon Aquarius 2019 Rachel Chart.png

Using the Full Moon harvests what New Moon plants metaphor, we can guess that any actions I took around August 1 that had to do with that talkative, tech-y 3rd House energy would have generated outcomes two weeks later, when the Aquarius Full Moon shined down on my adventure-loving 9th House.

I have felt the sudden strike of inspiration that we might expect from an Aquarius Full Moon on an Aquarius Sun native, and I see how it’s impacted 9th House realms of my life. I’ve been trying to find better ways to share thoughts on the Intuitive Arts (a big part of my general Philosophy comes from astrology, Tarot, and other intuitive practices). Two weeks ago, I was able to plug in to my online presence with more focus due to ending a somewhat stressful period of my day job. Though I often experience the mercurial energy of the 3rd House as overly stressy, this New Moon in my 3rd House gave me the foundation I needed to get back to creating interesting stuff.

Next Lunar cycle will find New Moon in Virgo in House 4 and Full Moon in Pisces in House 10 for me.