Astrology and the Wheel of the Year

Astrology and the Wheel of the Year

How does astrology relate to the pagan Wheel of the Year?

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The Wheel of the Year is a concept that pagan practioners use to keep track of the seasons and their respective energies. While the relationship between astrology and the Wheel of the Year is not explicit, they originate from the same concept of cyclical seasons. We can see how the seasonal energies are reflected in the zodiac signs by examining their place on the Wheel of the Year.

The Cardinal Signs Start the Seasons

Ostara - March 21: Aries

Aries energy abounds during the vernal equinox, when the Earth wakes up from its winter coma and intrepid new plants spring up from the ground.

Litha - June 21: Cancer

Cancer represents the nurturing aspects of the sunlight, pouring down onto the Earth from the height of the summer solstice and providing nutrition for our gardens.

Mabon: - September 21: Libra

Libra is the balanced, judicious energy we want during the autumnal equinox, when we harvest our gardens and bring our harvests to the wider public world.

Yule - December 21: Capricorn

Capricorn is the resourceful guardian we need when the winter solstice leaves our gardens dark and cold.

The Fixed Signs Celebrate the Crossquarter Seasons

Beltane - May 1: Taurus

Taurus embodies the Earthy pleasures we celebrate at Beltane, lavishing in the lush greenery of a growing garden.

Lammas - August 1: Leo

Leo is thrilled to share their abundance with those they consider part of their “pride” when we undertake the first harvest on Lammas.

Samhain - October 31: Scorpio

Scorpio, as the transfigurative force of the Zodiac, represents the same life/death cycle we must confront at the very end of the harvest cycle.

Imbolc - February 1: Aquarius

Aquarius offers us the cold light of truth during the deepest part of winter, helping us hold on to hope for the coming spring.

The Mutable Signs Take Us from One Season to the Next

Beltane to Litha - May 21 - Gemini

Gemini spirits us away from the pleasures of Beltane to the magic of Litha, gossiping about who did what along the way, of course.

Lammas to Mabon - August 21 - Virgo

Virgo is the shepherd from first harvest of Lammas to second harvest of Mabon, using their strong eye for detail to keep the garden healthy.

Samhain to Yule - November 21 - Sagittarius

Sagittarius gallops from the mysteries of Samhain to the abundance-oriented Yule, expounding the philosophies they’ve developed that might be of some use to us later.

Imbolc to Ostara - February 19 - Pisces

Pisces is the last breath of the year, gliding unconsciously through the dark waters of Imbolc to arrive at the vibrant greenery of the spring equinox.