Tarot for Setting Intentions and Manifesting Goals

Tarot for Setting Intentions and Manifesting Goals

Using Tarot archetypes to turn psychic will into reality


Every Tarot reader has their own unique reading style. While some Tarot readers may lean more toward connection with the spiritual, and other readers are more interested in psychological dynamics or guided healing. we all tap into our emotional intuition through the imagery on the cards. The imagery of our cards depict archetypes. The standard way of using Tarot is to draw cards depicting these various archetypes randomly, and then put these archetypes together in a meaningful message.

But the Tarot is a multitasking tool. Another interesting way to work with the archetypes within our cards is to set intentions and manifest goals. Here’s my method for using Tarot to set intentions and manifest goals, followed by a real example.

Step 1: Visualize your intention or your goal.

Would you like to invite love or friendship into your life? Are you interested in feeling calmer throughout the day? Perhaps you are seeking security and abundance. Whatever you are inviting into your life, take the time to see it in your mind’s eye. You might even want to write down your visualizations or record yourself describing them.

Step 2: Choose the Tarot cards that represent your intention/goal

After visualization, the next step is to find the cards that seem to “fit” your desires. If you work heavily with Tarot archetypes you may see the symbolic patterns arise from your visualization before even looking at the cards. Riffle through the deck and find the cards that look like what you need. Pull them out.


Step 3: Channel your focus onto the Tarot cards

This step can be thought of as either meditation or reflection. In whatever way feels most accessible to you, draw your focus toward the images on the cards. Study the images as if you intend to recreate them in your art studio later. Allow whatever feelings may arise to be present, but still, as you channel your intention/goal through the cards.

Step 4: Perform a creative project/activity/ritual using the Tarot card archetypes

The final step involves putting creative effort into a project or activity that honors the archetypes your intention/goal will require in order to manifest. Some may like to write a story weaving together the different archetypes in an interesting way; some may want to illustrate a scene using the archetypal imagery of the chosen cards; some may want to hike through a forest at dawn with the cards in their pocket. Anything that feels personally meaningful to you will do.

Step 5: The Delivery Window

In the period between setting your intention/goal and watching it manifest, it may be helpful to keep notes on anything in life that seems to be involving the archetypes you’re working with. Your intuition about these real-life experiences will offer you guidance as to which path is best to follow as your journey toward manifestation advances.

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Trying It Out:
Manifesting a calm, cool, and collected school year

Every year, September brings with it the excitement and anxiety of a new school year. As both a student and a teacher, I often find myself crackling with aimless nervous energy that makes everything more difficult than it has to be when school begins. This year, I want to feel more grounded and less expectant about what the school year might bring. I want, as I so often remind the kids, to stay “calm, cool, and collected.”

Step 1: Visualize

I envision walking through hallways filled with friendly staff and students. I enter the classroom of a teacher who is obviously very capable and has left me with engaging and manageable assignments for the students in her class. I speak to the students calmly and address issues with mature confidence. I maintain effective emotional boundaries so that I can extend my empathy toward students without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 2: Choose the Tarot Cards

I chose Strength, 8 of Pentacles, and Queen of Pentacles. All of these cards have a calm and steady energy that felt right when I thought about my goal of staying calm, cool, and collected.

Step 3: Reflect on the cards

During this reflection, the maiden holding the Lion’s mouth in Strength seemed very much like a bride to me, covered in flowers and dressed in white. I think this is another layer of understanding how the gentle energy of love and harmony are still powerful in the face of more forceful power. Archetype: Peacemaker

Strength Blue.jpg
8 of Pentacles.jpg
Queen of Pents Blue.jpg

The blacksmith of the 8 of Pentacles is focused on creating high quality work. Archetype: Artisan

The Queen of Pentacles is seated comfortably and in power, a rock in the middle of a verdant garden. Archetype: Queen of Growth

Step 4: Channel creative energy into ritual

I am envisioning a story in which the young women trains with the lion until she can handle it confidently. Because of her hard work and focus on this training, she is cultivating her own rewards.

Since my Tarot cards were so Earthy calm, I felt that a practical chore would be a good choice. for the ritual component. I did my laundry and I took my “professional” coat to the dry cleaners. I had never visited a dry cleaner before… which will come as no surprise to people who see how I usually dress. Because my confidence is boosted by wearing nice, clean clothes, I gave myself the gift of self-assurance with this laundry ritual. I tamed my laundry as a way to tame my anxieties about the new school year.

Step 5: The Delivery Window

My “delivery window” for this manifestation is the 2019-2020 school year. I trust whatever the universe brings to me. My professional-looking coat came back from the dry cleaners looking real nice, by the way.


If you’re currently manifesting anything with Tarot, please let me know! I’m hoping to do a series of Tarot manifestation “recipes” soon.

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