Astrology of Chiron: Learning about wounds and how to heal them

Written by Rachel Perez Wallerstedt
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My astrological practice has been fairly solitary. I have reached my first Saturn return without having sought the guidance of professional astrology, but that will be changing soon. The astrologer I am working with has directed me to pay more attention to the role of Chiron in my chart. Chiron is not part of the typical planetary panopoly, but most astrologers seem to agree that a highly active Chiron invites an individual to consider the role of healing in their lives very seriously.

Chiron: Its overall significance in the natal chart

The overall significance of Chiron in the natal chart seems to be in the identification of a core “wound” which informs the individual. The sign and house in which we find Chiron can indicate the nature of this wound, and also guide us through the clearest paths for healing those wounds. The aspects of other planets to Chiron can show us how our wound affects different aspects of our lives and also where we can best apply our healing skills.

The wisdom of wounded healers

Negative experiences in our lives certainly leave us with trauma that can take root in our bodies as well as in our minds. In times of great distress, it is difficult to put effort into truly healing what hurts. Instead, we often devise mechanisms to avoid the pain of our wounds. Whether we throw ourselves into work or play or sorrow, we are avoiding the work of processing our pain. Pain which has not been processed by our brains has no hope of finding resolve.

The process of working through the pain of the core wound that Chiron represents is indeed challenging. The rewards befit the level of the challenge. Finding one’s own way through pain and suffering and coming out whole gives one valuable experience they can impart onto others. We are all facing potential disasters, and turning to people who have healed their own wounds can inspire us to continue on through the troubling times of our lives and in turn, heal ourselves.

How does Chiron speak about our trauma?

I am just beginning my exploration into the messages of Chiron. I imagine the signs and placements may inform Chiron’s messages in the following ways.

Chiron in Aries/House 1

This placement may indicate physical or bodily trauma of some sort. Extreme self-doubt may manifest in either low self-worth or its cousin, narcissism. I have Chiron in House 1. Healing may come from accepting the integration of mind, body, and soul.

Chiron in Taurus/House 2

This placement suggests trauma having to do with neglect and insecurity. Abandonment fears may be particularly strong with this placement. Healing may come from planning and patience.

Chiron in Gemini/House 3

Chiron in Gemini or House 3 points to trauma relating to language or siblings. Harsh words and sarcasm, either from others or from the negative inner critic, could be a theme. Healing may come through speaking and writing.

Chiron in Cancer/House 4

A Cancer Chiron can indicate trauma arising from family dynamics. Those with this Chiron placement may feel out of place and lacking a home. Healing may come through tapping emotional energy in order to create. I have Chiron in Cancer.

Chiron in Leo/House 5

This placement may indicate trauma relating to self-image and bullying behavior. A healthy sense of pride may be difficult for those with this placement to feel good about. Healing may come through finding positions of leadership and feeling comfortable expressing one’s true individuality.

Chiron in Virgo/House 6

Chiron in Virgo/House 6 points to trauma related to health and also working for others. People with this placement may find themselves falling ill often, and not rarely as a result of work stress. Healing may come through tuning into the body and oddly, hygeine.

Chiron in Libra/House 7

This placement speaks to trauma arising from a specific partnership, or alternately with the concept of “partnership” in general. There may be experiences in which the individual with this placement is treated unfairly and loses their sense of self. Healing may come through understanding oneself as a deserving recipient of the love we so freely give to others.

Chiron in Scorpio/House 8

In this sign and house, Chiron shows a wound relating to death or unsolved mysteries. Those with this placement may find themselves obsessing over their pain and unknowingly growing it. Healing may come through self-transformation and the development of intuitive abilities.

Chiron in Sagittarius/House 9

This placement points to trauma relating to larger philosophic or religious ideas, or possibly travel. Chiron in Sagittarius/House 9 could indicate experiences related to trauma are often glossed over or minimized. Healing may come from learning more about the world and resolving to honesty.

Chiron in Capricorn/House 10

Chiron in Capricorn/House 10 indicates trauma relating to authority figures or one’s reputation. It may be difficult for this individual to feel respected by those around them. Healing may come from learning to live by one’s own standards and values, rather than the assumed values and standards of others.

Chiron in Aquarius/House 11

This placement shows trauma oriented around one’s larger community or circle of friends. It could be that an individual with this placement feels isolated from their peers and unable to relate. Healing may come from finding ways to be of service to those within our community.

Chiron in Pisces/House 12

The Pisces Chiron placement finds trauma relating to dependence issues or institutional practices. Individuals with this placement may often feel out of control of their own lives. Healing may be found through spirituality and imaginative activities.

Growing with Chiron

I feel as though the trauma we experience in life will always be a part of us. Chiron teaches us that what we might understand as scars can serve as profound sources of wisdom to others. When we walk strange and unfriendly paths, we need guides who know the way to help us through. Are you undergoing a process of healing right now?

Astrology Journal prompt: What is Chiron telling you about your core wound (or trauma) and your ability to transform pain into healing?

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