New Moon in Libra: Balance

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New Moon in Libra 2019

5°19’ (for calculating aspect orbs)

What is the New Moon?

Astronomically, a New Moon happens when our Moon is hidden from the Sun by the position of the Earth. The Moon receives no light from the Sun during the 3 day cycle of the New Moon period.

Astrologically, the New Moon represents the start of new cycles in life, especially cycles that pertain to our emotional growth. During the 3-day New Moon period, certain placements in our natal chart are activated by New Moon aspects. These aspects can inform us as to how to use the current lunar cycle in our intention-setting and other magick.

The theme of the Libra New Moon cycle (from September 28 - October 25 in 2019) is BALANCE.

All living organisms require a healthy balance of energy input and output (homeostasis) in order to do the work of growing. Without balance, we are too distracted by urgent needs not being met to have the capacity for real growth. During the Libra New Moon cycle, we can assess our own level of homeostasis, of energy balance.

  • Where are we giving more than we are receiving?

  • Where are we receiving more than we are giving?

  • Are we feeling balanced enough to do the work we need to grow?

Tarot for New Moon in Libra

Calculate your natal chart using a website like to find all of your planetary placements.

☌ For Libra placements: New Moon Conjunct

The Moon is inviting our other Libra placements to use their powers of imagination to make good choices. The emotional timbre of the universe is matching everything in us that wants to live in alignment with our highest selves.

* Leo & Sagittarius placements: New Moon Sextile

The Moon is spurring our Leo and Sagittarius placements into action. We are feeling power in these placements from the graceful negotiations of the Libra New Moon.

□ Cancer & Capricorn placements: New Moon Square

The see-all-sides attitude of the Libra New Moon is creating decision fatigue; too many options! We can meet this challenge to our Cancer and Capricorn placements by reminding ourselves of our core values and saving major decision-making for another time.

△ Gemini & Aquarius placements: New Moon Trine

The rational Libra energy is making Gemini and Aquarius placements feel right at home. We can use the Airy Libra energy to have productive conversations and brainstorming sessions.

☍ Aries placements: New Moon Opposition

There is a tension between the partner-oriented Libra New Moon and our competitive Aries placements. We can resolve our Aries-Libra tensions by uniting with people who affirm our identity and make us feel like we’re on the same team.

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