Tarot for Libra Season: Justice

Tarot Ritual for Libra New Moon: Justice

Ideal Spellwork: Partnership * Law & Order * Negotiation


Libra Questions

What can we do to balance ourselves between order and chaos?

How can we use our rational mind to maintain healthy relationships?

Is our own sense of Justice blind or is it overly influenced by our circumstances?

Libra Tarot Ritual

Start by lighting a pink candle and meditating on the Justice card of your Tarot deck.


The Libra scales are held in the left hand of the Justice figure. This represents the universal principle of relativity, the acceptance of the fact that we can only understand a thing in relationship to other things. The sword in the right hand of the Justice figure is representative of the rational mind, which slices apart the specific pieces of a situation to see it from every human angle.


We can harness the Libra energy within the Justice card by accepting the natural chaos of the world along with our responsibility to sort it all out as best we can anyway.

If we need to make a good decision but we don’t know which path is best, the Justice card during the Libra New Moon season guides us toward the path of mercy, harmony, and divine balance.

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