Storytime Psychic 2018: The Annual Report

Hello, friends!

I am so grateful for the past year with Storytime Psychic Alliance. We have grown into a multifaceted community positively bursting with creativity and curiosity about the metaphysical realm.

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Tarot Card Social

Since May, Storytime Psychic Alliance has been hosting monthly Tarot Card Socials at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle, WA. Each meeting has been fun, informative, and full of comradery with a mix of first-timers and regulars united by their fascination with Tarot.

Witch’s Night Out

I’ve had the opportunity to read Tarot at lots of cool events in 2018, and one of the absolute coolest events has been Witch’s Night Out. Witch’s Night Out Market is hosted by the Arcadia in Seattle, and it is an incredible gathering of the local witchy community. I’ve met so many awesome readers, energy workers, and craft artisans at these events; can’t wait to see what next year at Witch’s Night Out has in store!

Seattle Spaces

Putting down roots with the healing, wellness, and metaphysical community of North Seattle has been a wonderful process of growth for Storytime Psychic Alliance. On Saturdays, I offer readings with the Deep Roots Belly Dance Studio in Greenwood (Deep Roots Facebook page). I am also now working on Mondays at the Tarot table at Edge.

What’s Planned for 2019

I will refrain from going into detail, but we have lots of interesting things planned for Storytime Psychic Alliance in 2019. Tarot Card Socials, psychic writing groups, astrology consortiums, and so much more. Stay tuned, friends.


Rachel Perez Wallerstedt
Psychic in Chief, Storytime Psychic Alliance

Rachel Wallerstedt