Astrology Bullet Journal - Starting My Journal

Written by Rachel Perez Wallerstedt in Seattle, WA


Many of us who bullet journal have done it in some form or another since before it had a name. Though I may not always sit down to write long passages describing my day in a diary, I do transcribe the jumble inside my head onto paper in some form or another basically every day. The method of bullet journaling has been an unparalleled organizing concept for this note-taking style. And I like looking back on my notes more because bullet journaling emphasizes making things look cute.

As I grew more serious about studying astrology, more and more of my daily bullet journaling involved my celestial suppositions. So I began keeping a daily astrological diary. I’m hoping to use it to gather insights about personal and cultural issues. I anticipate using it as a reference when I’m a badass wise old witch crone.

Astrology Bullet Journal: Basic Record Keeping

  • When I make an entry in my astrology bullet journal, I start by writing the date and time on top.

  • Next, I mark the current positions of each planet using, though whatever astrological calculator you prefer will work just fine. I use the glyphs because it takes a long time to write it all out long form; do whatever works for you.

  • Then I find the closest aspect each planet is making to my personal natal chart. Again, though it’s possible to do this longhand, you may as well just use a calculator like I also write out a sentence to describe the energy of each aspect.

  • I like to record the current phase of the Moon along with a quick weather report.

  • Since I’m getting more interested in the insights astrology can offer into current events, I jot down a few major news headlines.

  • Finally, I write a diary entry. I like to structure it using the lens of the 12 houses or the planets.


Advancing Astrology Skills through BuJo

Serious astrology nerds like me will find an endless syllabus of astrology books (here are a few of my recommendations) to aid their studies. Keeping track of everything we learn is crucial to developing our skill in weaving together the symbols of the sky. While some folks are excellent at keeping study notes organized and beautiful, I find my erratic study style works best when it’s allowed to sprawl into a bit of a mess. I’m very interested to see astrology bullet journals from others - if you feel so inspired, I hope you’ll share your astrology bullet journal on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading! Astrology Bullet Journal Updates to come.